My Pledge

I pledge to be transparent in all communications and maintain the highest ethical standards.

I pledge to work together with others in a spirit of collaboration and respect. I recognize that unity of purpose and effort leads to greater accomplishments. standards.

I commit to contributing to my community and to society, understanding that all I know and can do is built from the dedication and sacrifices of others who came before me. I show gratitude to my past and current mentors and teachers.

I honor my indigenous ancestors and pledge to be all that I can be because of their sacrifices.

I respect animals as sentient beings with thoughts, feelings, and individual personalities. I dedicate my life to their welfare, to protect them and their habitats, and to raise awareness about inhumane practices and treatment of animals.

I pledge to live a more sustainable lifestyle. I will consider the environmental, social, and economic impacts of my daily decisions and make every effort to be responsible in these areas.