Do You Want Today’s Robots Writing to Your Clients?

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Is your practice considering using AI to create your marketing messages?

Remember when pet owners started quoting Dr. Google?

Using AI has the advantage of speed. I asked if AI if it had limitations.

This is its reply:

AI lacks creativity

One of the main limitations of AI copywriting is its inability to come up with new and unique ideas. While AI can generate text based on patterns and data, it struggles with creativity and originality, which is a crucial aspect of effective copywriting.

AI can’t represent your tone and voice

Copywriting often requires a specific tone or voice to appeal to a particular audience, but AI may struggle with this aspect. AI can produce copy that sounds generic or even robotic, which can be a turn-off for readers.

AI doesn’t understand your context

AI algorithms often lack the understanding of context, which can lead to errors or misunderstandings in copywriting. For example, AI may use inappropriate language in a specific context or miss important nuances in the message.

AI can’t show emotion or empathy

Copywriting requires a human touch that can evoke emotion and empathy from the reader. AI may struggle with this aspect as it lacks the ability to understand human emotions and sentiments fully.

AI’s knowledge isn’t current

Limited Domain Knowledge: AI models are often trained on specific datasets, limiting their ability to generate high-quality copy outside their domain of expertise. AI may struggle to produce compelling copy in fields it has not been trained on.

Unfortunately, you have to put time and effort into fact-checking and editing AI copy.

ChatGPT admits that its responses can include “incorrect information“, “harmful instructions or biased content“. It’s also not current on events after 2021.

Let’s keep the human in your marketing.

Image by HollyGirl18 from Pixabay

You communicate with human beings.

If you want your message to humans to sound like it was written by a human, AI can’t help you – at least not yet.

Your clients are human beings. Your marketing messages should come from a human being.

Let’s keep the human touch in your marketing and business communications. What can I write for you today?

Contact me to discuss your copywriting needs.

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