Simplify Ordering Using Purchasing Platforms

57% – that’s how much one of my clients was able to reduce expenses through strategic vendor management! That meant they spent hours searching websites and listening to sales pitches, right? Not at all!

Tip: Do a quick search to see if your industry or favorite vendors are part of an online co-op or marketplace. These B2B/B2G marketplaces let you enter the product you’re looking for and instantly see which vendors have it, compare prices, see how many units are in stock, and when to expect delivery. Small businesses and nonprofits especially benefit from buying through this purchasing model.

Have an item on backorder through your normal source? You can easily check to see if someone else has it available or when the item is expected to be back on the shelves.

I can do a quick search to see if there’s a purchasing platform for your industry and if so, set up your account for you. Contact me for more information.

Published by Tiffani Hill

I'm a professional Operations Strategist with a special interest in nonprofit organizations and pet-related businesses.

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